воскресенье, 30 марта 2014 г.

I created a series of paintings dedicated to the topic "Children at Work and Creativeness". My works represent the images from different countries (Russia, Israel, Palestine) which reflect bright and spontaneous children expression in the processes of creativeness and their work.
I find it very important to show realistically the inner process of a child's feelings irrespective of national boundaries. I also consider it crucial to express the soul impulse of a child at the moment of creativeness and work.
While studying and creating the image I noticed the difference of the social environment where children live. This idea influenced my works and I paid a special attention to it. Thus the motive of children's creativeness and work is being tightly connected with the relevant social problems of the present-day society.
At a certain stage of my work within this concept I came to the conclusion that the images and the essential things which are of an interest to me could be expressed only by the means of realism. I attempt to draw a connection between a character of the picture and his or her real environment, particular places of living and traditional roots.  
The picture images are born out of facing with real children, their every-day troubles, dreams, games, responsibility for each other. While continuing my work I aim at expressing the collective image of a child, at achieving the feedback from the audience, at drawing its attention to the most vital things in life - the future human-beings.
  I use the combined technique, starting sketches on the computer, continuing the work with pastel. I try to achieve the expressive combination of pastel paints gently merging one into another and the widely drawn flat background, intermixing with the surface of the picture. The horizon vanishes, the space of the picture is being completely objectified. All this comes out of the desire to fill every inch of the painting with the ideal significance. Thus, the whole picture space is transforming from a field of direct reality expression into the so-called screen for reality reproduction and intensification.


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